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Understanding is not gained easily. There must be a search for it through the Word of God. This is the truth that will help us to comprehend a great deal of God's Kingdom principles and power. We must understand what the Lord wants us to do. Implanting Christ's Word in our hearts and allowing it to be deeply rooted in our souls, is a step towards greatness in life.

The Word has the power to renew our minds and establish us according to the Will of God. One of the cardinal principles of the Scripture is that the measure, with which we give, shall be returned to us. Therefore spending quality time to learn and study God's Word, will eventually lead to a proportionate or corresponding reward in knowledge with understanding. King Solomon understood this when he wrote, "For the Lord giveth wisdom; out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."(Proverbs 2:6).

These three elements of truth are the concrete steps to true prosperity that God gives. Perfect understanding of God's principles and walking in His way is our key. Pastor Joel Uzoma writes with deep insight of God's Kingdom principles based on the Word of God. He pastored Churches in Africa before the Lord directed him and his wife to the United States of America. He pastors a Church in Houston, Texas. The Lord blessed his marriage with a son. This book is available and can be ordered through the following leading stores...