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Dayspring Chapel | Hospitality & Welfare Ministry

The Hospitality & Welfare ministry is a very important ministry is every church. In order to meet the physical needs of the people and especially those of the same faith, this ministry was created to address the needs of people.

As in the days of Peter the Apostle, the church was growing tremendously, but their physical needs were neglected. The Twelve Apostles gave an instruction for the people to choose seven people full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom to take over the responsibilities of the welfare of the people and congregation. so that they can spend time in prayer and teaching of the Word of God.

Dayspring Chapel needs people with the heart to serve others and to meet their phyiscal needs.

If you are interested to join the Hospitality & Welfare ministry, please contact the Hospitality & Welfare leader for more information.

The Lord will strengthen everyone involved in this ministry - this ministry is very dear to Jesus Christ.