Men's Ministry

What We Offer



Dayspring Chapel Men's Ministry serves as a platform to outreach, develop, train men to become spiritual leaders in church, community, workplace and most importantly in their homes.

The Men's Ministry uses biblical principles to transform ordinary men to extraordinary men for effective leadership in God's Kingdom. Throughout history, God moves mightily when men come together to serve, worship and pray to God with one voice and unity.

We encourage our men to strive to become what God has called and chosen us to become in Christ Jesus. Through divine direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, God's purpose for his people with be established as men take their divine place in Christ Jesus.

We must work in obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus Christ sent to teach us all things.

Men's Ministry provides resources and tools for development in all areas of life such as

- Workplace (Job)

- Family

- Married life (For those married and looking to get married)

- Finances

- Relationship

- Marketplace (Business)

Please contact the Men's Ministry Leader for more information or if you are interested in serving in the men's ministry.